Sunday, May 3, 2015

BANSHEEFACE - by Pseudo/Sentai

Hey everyone,

A quick shout out to one of my favorite indie prog outfits, Pseudo/Sentai. They recently released a new album, Bansheeface. It's awesome. Despite always being able to find something I love in music (even in music I don't like that much), I rarely get as excited about a group as I do Pseudo/Sentai. They are doing really, REALLY cool stuff, and I hope you give them a bit of your time and check out this new album. Rich, provocative textures and twists and turns that always please. From a songwriting standpoint, I have never found team Sentai to be lacking. On their last release, There's Always a Fucking Problem, I thought a lot of the tunes were cut a bit short in order to serve the concept of the album's delivery as a whole, and I kept thinking to myself, "I wish this had slightly better production. Well, Bansheeface delivers taut, dense songwriting and excellent, balanced production. CHECK IT OUT.

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Bansheeface cover art